As my best friend was fighting for her life in a Minneapolis cancer center, I was sending her care packages from Denver.  They largely consisted of things I made to make her laugh: like a card I crafted with a big letter "C" so she could "play the C card" whenever she wanted.  (She used it when she was feeling better to win a few games of Phase 10 and get extra desserts in her hospital room.)  But when she was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma, things were bad.  Like so bad they had to put her in a coma to keep her alive.  According to all the doctors, the odds were not in her favor.  Before I went out to live with her for a bit and take her to radiation appointments, I made her necklaces and stamped the word "fearless" onto the pendants, hoping the message would sink into her mind and body so that just maybe it could be like a bit of magic to slay this dragon.  She said whenever I made her






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